Reclaimed timber flooring

Kodan Flooring Company cares about out nature too so, one of our best products offered is the Reclaimed Timber flooring. This is widely made by wood merchants because we also want to save more trees as much as possible although we make sure to replace every tree that we use.

Reclaimed timber flooring is simply reusing the available materials used from other buildings or crafts. Like for example, we gather timbers from old boats or ships, reconstructed buildings or even from changed flooring.

These woods that we re-use can be all types of hardwood and most of these are old and sturdy timbers. We reproduce hardwoods to create high quality of flooring with contemporary designs. Although, traditional finish is still available.

Most reclaimed timbers are produced as engineered flooring wherein these planks are placed / nailed together to become more heavy-duty and stable flooring. We, in Australia is into wood recycling and Kodan Flooring Company is one of the most trusted merchants and supplier of reclaimed timbers within the country.

Although these woods are from existing houses and other buildings, we guarantee our clients that we can provide the design and size they need. One of our specialization is to customize the flooring depending on the customer’s taste and idea. Do not hesitate to use reclaimed timber flooring because it is already done by many engineers and flooring suppliers in many countries.

Rest-assured that the reclaimed timbers are still in good condition and will last a long-time. For more designs and choices, you can visit our showroom for finished engineered planks. For clients who are ready to order, more wood for flooring are already stocked in the warehouse and always available for bulk orders.

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