Floating Timber Flooring

Kodan Flooring Company has a variety of hardwood timbers both engineered and reclaimed to suit the needs of all our clients. We also offer floating timber flooring for those who are asking for it.

What is floating timber flooring?

It is the installation method where any engineered hardwood is placed on the subfloor without any adhesive such as glue and even no nails or screws are used. Floating floors are easy to assemble even without professional help but of course, as a trusted merchant and supplier, we do not want our clients to have a hard time in installing the floating timber flooring. As much as possible we want to do the installation process to be sure that the materials used are in good shape and properly fixed for safety concerns.

Is floating flooring affordable?

We offer reasonable prices for our wood products. In fact, we have different packages to suit the budget and taste of our clients. For engineered timber flooring, we assure that our price is more affordable than solid wood but the quality is the same. Both are durable and long-lasting.

How to install floating timber flooring?

Of course it needs subfloor or any wood for attachment. It has joints that can be interlocked which is guaranteed heavy-duty and secured. Compared to the traditional method, this one is easier to assemble and ready to use upon installation.

Is floating timber flooring recommended for multi-level buildings?

Floating timber flooring is usually used for single and two story houses. It is proven safe and effective for sound proofing as well. Most houses in Australia used this kind of method and material because of practicality, safety and the contemporary designs as well.

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