Reclaimed timber flooring

Kodan Flooring Company cares about out nature too so, one of our best products offered is the Reclaimed Timber flooring. This is widely made by wood merchants because we also want to save more trees as much as possible although we make sure to replace every tree that we use.

Reclaimed timber flooring is simply reusing the available materials used from other buildings or crafts. Like for example, we gather timbers from old boats or ships, reconstructed buildings or even from changed flooring.

These woods that we re-use can be all types of hardwood and most of these are old and sturdy timbers. We reproduce hardwoods to create high quality of flooring with contemporary designs. Although, traditional finish is still available.

Most reclaimed timbers are produced as engineered flooring wherein these planks are placed / nailed together to become more heavy-duty and stable flooring. We, in Australia is into wood recycling and Kodan Flooring Company is one of the most trusted merchants and supplier of reclaimed timbers within the country.

Although these woods are from existing houses and other buildings, we guarantee our clients that we can provide the design and size they need. One of our specialization is to customize the flooring depending on the customer’s taste and idea. Do not hesitate to use reclaimed timber flooring because it is already done by many engineers and flooring suppliers in many countries.

Rest-assured that the reclaimed timbers are still in good condition and will last a long-time. For more designs and choices, you can visit our showroom for finished engineered planks. For clients who are ready to order, more wood for flooring are already stocked in the warehouse and always available for bulk orders.

Hardwood Timber Flooring

We supply and make flooring out of hardwood timber such as beech, oak, walnut, mahogany, maple, balsa, etc. these timbers from hardwood trees are definitely durable. Compared to softwood, they have more density.

Aside from flooring, hardwood is usually used to make ships, furniture and fences because it is proven tough and heavy-duty. Kodan flooring offers different types of timber for multi-purposes. As the leading hardwood timber merchant in Australia, we make sure to provide the best quality of timber for flooring.

One of the advantages of using hardwood timber is being easy to maintain. You can clean it regularly by sweeping or dusting to keep it looking new and presentable. Dents and scratches are easy to remove by simply sanding the wood.

Sanding, waxing and varnishing every once in a while is recommended to protect the wood and maintain its durability. Since it is long-lasting, you can just preserve its beauty rather than replace the whole flooring after many years.

Hardwood timbers are best used for house flooring because of its natural warm that makes walking on it comfortable. Although there are many types of hardwood timber, the most commonly used woods for construction is Oak and Iroko. These woods are perfect for both interior and exterior part of the building and can withstand different climates over the years.

When it comes to the cost, we sell and install hardwood timber flooring for a reasonable price. Well, all hardwoods are a little pricey compared to other lumbers and you know that you are just paying for its high quality and durability.

Kodan Flooring Company can help you with the estimation of size, kind of wood and budget. We can send you a quotation if you want to inquire first and we promise not to pressure our clients. In certain major cities like Melbourne and Sydney we may refer customers to companies like Havwoods Timber Flooring and other Timber Flooring Companies to fulfil the order.

Floating Timber Flooring

Kodan Flooring Company has a variety of hardwood timbers both engineered and reclaimed to suit the needs of all our clients. We also offer floating timber flooring for those who are asking for it.

What is floating timber flooring?

It is the installation method where any engineered hardwood is placed on the subfloor without any adhesive such as glue and even no nails or screws are used. Floating floors are easy to assemble even without professional help but of course, as a trusted merchant and supplier, we do not want our clients to have a hard time in installing the floating timber flooring. As much as possible we want to do the installation process to be sure that the materials used are in good shape and properly fixed for safety concerns.

Is floating flooring affordable?

We offer reasonable prices for our wood products. In fact, we have different packages to suit the budget and taste of our clients. For engineered timber flooring, we assure that our price is more affordable than solid wood but the quality is the same. Both are durable and long-lasting.

How to install floating timber flooring?

Of course it needs subfloor or any wood for attachment. It has joints that can be interlocked which is guaranteed heavy-duty and secured. Compared to the traditional method, this one is easier to assemble and ready to use upon installation.

Is floating timber flooring recommended for multi-level buildings?

Floating timber flooring is usually used for single and two story houses. It is proven safe and effective for sound proofing as well. Most houses in Australia used this kind of method and material because of practicality, safety and the contemporary designs as well.

Engineered Timber Flooring

Flooring is important as any other part of the building that is why we assure our clients that we will provide and install the best materials available. We consider our customer’s choices and of course, their budget so, instead of just giving them anything on hand, we have to come up with the most suitable products to finish the project.

Engineered woods as you may know is made of compiled or stacked woods then covered with a hardwood timber to make it durable and stable. Unlike solid hardwoods, these are more affordable and practical although they have the same quality.

Engineered timber flooring is created with multiple layers for long-lasting and safer use. It is also climate and weather change resistant so you do not need to worry about replacing the materials after some time.

In Kodan Flooring, we use high quality planks beneath the hardwood timber top and we offer both site-finished and pre-finished engineered woods. You can choose from different wood species such as red oak, cherry, etc. since these are just few of the available options in our warehouse.

Like solid hardwood, engineered timber flooring can be sand but not too much. It is advisable to sand lightly and not more than twice because it will make the upper layer thinner and weak.  When it comes to installation, no doubt that engineered woods are easier to assemble. We can nail or glue it depending on the base floor.

One of the best advantages of engineered timber is it can endure moisture than solid hardwoods. So, it is suitable for the lavatory and kitchen due to the plywood used under. If you are considering this type of flooring for an investment house, we are pretty sure that it can make the rooms attractive and pleasant.