Kodan Flooring Company is one the most trusted and leading wood manufacturer and floor installer in Australia. Our business has been in the industry for 20 years and most of our clients are huge construction companies and firms. We are supplying different types of hardwood and solid wood for flooring purposes.

Our wood planks are guaranteed in good condition and a lot of choices are available on hand in our warehouses. Since we are known for being nature-friendly company, we make sure to do our responsibilities to plant more trees for the benefit of the next generation. Also, one of our best services is the reclaimed timber flooring wherein we recycle good woods from old crafts and buildings.

Our purpose is to help our clients find the most suitable hardwood for flooring installation even though they have limited budgets and different perspective when it comes to flooring. We want to give our clients the best products available by simply meeting their wants and needs.

For those who cannot afford solid wood flooring, our alternative is the engineered timber flooring which is more affordable but the quality is as good as the solid wood. The finished product of engineered woods are quite impressive and many clients can attest to that.

Our company is known for good services and excellent wood materials. We guarantee durable and long-lasting timber flooring plus our installation and finishing services are definitely outstanding for a quality price.

The price of our hardwood depends on the type of timber to be used. We offer a lot of options including the hard to find timbers from hardwood trees. We import some of our woods but most heavy-duty timbers are from local woods.

For inquiries and estimation, kindly contact us thru our Contact Us page.